Med-X, Inc.

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Med-X is an innovator and leader in developing all-natural and alternative solutions to outdated poisonous chemicals and harmful pharmaceutical products, often used in pest control, aromatherapy, pain management and farming.

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Highlights of Med-X, Inc.
• Med-X is disrupting the pesticides industry with its organic Nature-Cide product line. Med-X’s Nature-Cide products are on the approved list of pesticides for use on cannabis in the states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

• The overall pest management market is expected to be $17.3 billion by 2022.

• The organic pesticides niche market is expected to be in the billions by 2023 as consumer demand for organically grown fruits and vegetables continues to grow.

• Med-X is currently raising money through a Regulation A+ private offering at with a Path to an IPO on the NASDAQ under the already reserved symbol of MXRX

• Aside from developing products for the farming industry with organic pesticides, Med-X also develops all-natural and alternative solutions to outdated poisonous chemicals and harmful pharmaceutical products in aromatherapy and pain management.

• The goal of Med-X is simply to offer alternatives in markets that have never embraced safe and effective natural options, and their thinking and products are beginning to resonate.

• Med-X has the oppportunity to take market share away from big chemical and big pharma companies.

• Organic pesticides have a major use case in the cannabis industry with a call for pure cannabis with the ongoing vaping crisis.

• Aside from Nature-Cide, other Med-X brands include: 1) Thermal-Aid (all-natural heating and cooling packs for pain management), 2) Home Spa (all-natural shower spray), and 3) Malibu Brands (a line of all-natural homeopathic products designed to treat pain and stimulate overall wellbeing.)

• Med-X has raised over $7 million to date on StartEngine.

• Med-X is in a unique growth situation that investors can take part in before it goes public on the NASDAQ.

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